Size 2 Mini CL10 Juggling ball

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This custom CL10 size 2 ball is meant to improve your juggling skills which helps your touch on the field.  When I juggle, I don't keep track of how many juggles I can do in a row.  If you really want to improve your touch and receiving on the ball, use this ball to juggle with your right foot only, left foot only, both feet, 2 right and 2 left, thigh and head.  I usually put two cones down about 20 yards away and do this sequence on a jog there and back.  3-5x each.  You can start out by walking and juggling at first and then as you get better and more comfortable take it up to a jog.  I have incorporated a size 2 ball in my 15 year career and it has helped my touch so much.  Give it a go and clock in those hours juggling! 


NOTE: Soccer balls will be shipped deflated.