‘I’m at peace’: Carli Lloyd seeks a special ending to a career-long chase for greatness

“Are you happy?”

Carli Lloyd, in her all-black Gotham FC warmups, a bag of ice attached to her knee and untied Nike trainers on her feet, and I, sweltering in a hoodie, have been sitting on sun-baked bleachers for the last 90 minutes. She passes me a water bottle to make sure I’m hydrating.

It’s my final question, after discussing her long career with the U.S. women’s national team and her experiences in three professional leagues. Lloyd’s been more reflective since announcing her retirement on Aug. 16, suddenly willing to speak at length in post-game press conferences and ceremonies in her honor. She’s always been professional, but all business. Now she’s sharing more about something she long refused to let distract from her singular focus on greatness: feelings.

Written by: Meg Linehan